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5 Tools to Increase Internet Marketing Profits

Every year, business owners across the globe make the same goals for their business – to increase revenue and profits. However, a resolution takes more than words to actualize. You have to work for it. One of the ways to boost your revenue and profits is to be strategic about your digital marketing efforts. You want to stay ahead of the competition and constantly improve your product based on insights from your customers. Here are some of the best digital marketing tools to help you execute your campaigns.

1.     Ahrefs


Ahrefs is a great tool for checking out your competitor’s backlinks, which are a key component of SEO. In addition, your business should always be on the lookout for new opportunities to build links. Run searches on competitor websites to see where they are linking back to. You can export these links to a spreadsheet and use them to find similar opportunities that will work for your business.

2.     SEMrush


This is a very powerful tool that can be used to scope out your competition. You can use it to reverse engineer your competitor’s marketing tactics. The tool allows you to plug in any URL to get access to the best ranking keywords and access other competitive information. You can also see what ads are being run by your competition.

Begin your search with a few URLs to get the keywords being used by your competitors. You need to focus on keywords that have high search results as these have the highest impact on the internet. You can use these keywords to create your website content. This will enable you to ramp up your internet marketing efforts. According to the SEO experts at  www.seovancouver.ca, you need a reliable tool to execute your SEO campaigns the right way. SEMRush is one of the best digital marketing tools to have in your arsenal.

3.     Active Campaign

Active Campaign

After customers have signed up to get coupons and discount codes on your website, what next? How do you ensure your customers find value? Active Campaign is an email marketing tool that allows you to tell stories, entertain and create value that keeps your customers coming back. You need to communicate with your leads at least 3 times a week to keep them interested in your brand.

4.     Buzzsumo


This is a tool that will help your business to find ways to leverage and make use of influencer marketing. With this tool, your business can take advantage of opportunities to reach its true potential. Buzzsumo makes it possible for users to search for content and topics that are spread out on different platforms online. You can search for information relevant to your brand or business. It helps to nurture relationships with potential clients on different platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This way, you can use these linkages to spread your content to a larger audience.

5.    CoSchedule

CoSchedule is one of the best digital marketing tools. It helps business powers plan marketing activities, organize campaigns, plan their content, and generally get ahead of the competition. Creating content and making regular updates is one thing. But all these activities need to be scheduled to help streamline the process.