Paper Shredding and Community Services

Paper Shredding and Community Services

Anyone who has watched the news in the past decade knows that paper shredding services play a vital role in protecting individuals and companies from the unscrupulous attention of identity thieves. What you may not be aware of is how these same document shredding services have become a new revenue center for local businesses. Other businesses use document destruction as a promotional device by offering free paper shredding to community residents.

Identity Theft

Paper shredding services assist individuals and businesses in reducing papers that include personal information down into indecipherable particles; hopefully before criminals can turn that information into dishonest dollars. According to the Canadian Anti-Theft Centre, identity theft increased from 17,094 victims in 2012 to 20,611 in 2014. Those victims lost more than $10 million dollars due to personal information falling into the wrong hands.

Business to Consumer

Because of this significant increase identity theft, more and more business, such as office supply shops, offer paper shredding services to consumers for a small fee. For example, ten pounds of paper might cost just a few dollars, which is great for small, infrequent jobs, but what happens when the consumer is a business or a family member cleaning up after a deceased relative who made hording into an art? In those cases, it is more cost-effective to contract with a document shredding specialist to make frequent pickups of sensitive paperwork that needs destroyed or to take it to a recycling business who has the equipment to handle bulk paper shredding in a secure manner. And in cases where paper shredding services are offered as promotional tool, professional shred services are a must. After all, the ultimate goal is to create goodwill not another resource or identity thieves.

Community Services

Helping the community protect themselves from crime is a terrific way to create goodwill and name recognition. That is why many businesses and local governments hire document destruction specialist to help them promote their own image within the neighborhood. Often, they will sponsor a free shred fest at a local recycling center or hire paper shredding services to go onsite to assist with community document shredding. Communities like Mississauga and Brampton turned a community shred event into a fundraiser by trading free shred services in exchange for non-perishable food items. Montclair arranged for a shred truck to reduce personal documents into recyclable waste, not only did they offer a great service to residents, they sold the recycled paper to help support the neighborhood.

Sum It Up

While paper shredding service are most commonly thought of as an identity theft deterrent, communities and businesses have learned that this this valuable service is a great way to create goodwill within the community. You may want to visit Shred-it for more info and insights.

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