6 Topics That Must Be Addressed in Every Couple’s Money Chat

While every couple would love to talk about how they would spend all that money if they won the lottery, or how their lives would change if they won that jackpot, it all comes down to the hardships of getting that dollar and cent on the table. Especially if you have plans on getting installment loans from creditors: Lendgreen. This is no easy feat as most couples know by now. Here are six steps that can help to define who you financially as an individual, and also help you lay the groundwork for any short, medium, or long-term planning that you may have.

  1. Who are you?


You can decide to have your own little confession time with your partner to get to know each other better. How does each of you behave around money? What worries you? What are your strengths and weaknesses? When you explore the money topic as a couple, you may realize the many financial personality issues you had that you may have ignored or just failed to realize by yourselves and help each other deal with these issues.

  1. Your assets and liabilities (loans)


Most of the times, you will find couples meet, fall in love, and get married without taking time to learn about their partner’s financial situations, their assets, and even their liabilities. Trust me; it never ends well if your partner is only finding out about an old student loan you took some decades back, or that you find out that your partner is so deep in arrears only during the time you are negotiating a mortgage for the home you want to have together.

You can make things easier by listing down every debt you’ve ever owned and also all the assets that you own, including all your bank and investment accounts. Keep your partner on the loop about everything so they don’t get shocked hearing all these when nothing can be done about them.

  1. Share credit reports


As couples, it would be a good idea to share your credit reports. So, each partner knows the other’s credit history. You may have a poor credit history, but through some agreements with your partner, the other person can help you to improve it possible in the future.

  1. The cash flow


Another factor that will amaze you is to realize that most couples don’t usually know their partner’s gross income, leave aside their disposable income at the end of the month. As couples, you can always decide to lay out one another’s monthly after-tax income and also list all your monthly obligations as well. Do not forget to include your semi-annual or annual payments as well as insurance. This will help both of you, as couples, to create a couple’s budget which is a much better way you can handle your finances.

  1. Establish your roles


Another one of the difficult aspects to deal with as couples is establishing each other’s roles in your relationship. This is usually difficult to those partners who have been single for a long period. These partners have problems deciding on how they can manage joint finances. The most important thing is that you have a discussion about it together, and work on how the two of you can come to an understanding, then stick to the agreement until both of you agree on a change.

  1. Dream


Everybody dreams of having that flashy and luxurious lifestyle one day. Of course, all these dreams cost a lot of money. A lot of beautiful things can come from dreams, especially when you realize that your partner shares in these dreams as well. You should always let your dreams be the driving factor towards creating that financial plan together.

“Daddy Leave” and gender equality at home & work

I was recently asked by the New York Times to participate in a debate about women and work in Europe, especially in Germany. In the end, the question that appeared  on their Opinion page is not the one I was asked to address (“How can we get men to do more at home?”), although I would have loved to address that more centrally. (Maybe next time!).

Nevertheless, I did address the larger question of gender equality and how men’s parental leave is a critical part of this issue.

Below is the first part of my response; for the full piece, click here.

The quest for greater gender equality in paid work and care work requires multiple strategies that involve both women and men. The International Herald Tribune article about women in the German work force dealt mainly with the issue of women and work. Yet, the challenges that men face, both as workers and as caregivers, must also be addressed.

One way of addressing this is to look to countries like Sweden, Norway and Canada for lessons on how parental leave policies have been used to encourage changing gender relations around paid work and care work. These are policies that recognize and build on the constant interplay between gender equality and gender differences.

In Sweden and Norway, there has been a significant shift away from the “male breadwinner/ female caregiver model” of work and family. This occurred partly through respecting a long-standing practice of long maternity leaves for women combined with affordable, accessible and high-quality child care; to this, they added parental leave policies designed to encourage men to be involved in early child care. One of the rationales for the latter was that getting fathers into the home would help to disrupt a deeply rooted pattern and social norm of women as primary care-giving experts and men as main breadwinners.

Click here to read more and to join in the debate!

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Logistic Services

Choosing a suitable logistic partner is essential for a successful export and import business. This means that the trucking companies have the full responsibility for safety and security of goods from the source to the destination. Therefore, you should consider the following factors to ensure you acquire appropriate and quality freight services.
Service types

1. Type of ServicesChoosing the type of service should top your list. Although you should get freight companies that provide plenty of them, it’s important to define what exactly you need. Also, just because a provider is an expert in one area, it’s not a guarantee that they can deliver to your company’s expectations.

2. Cost

Just like the services, the cost is a huge consideration when choosing a transportation company. On this note, keep in mind that the lowest price isn’t always the suitable option. Companies that beat competitors in price may cost you reliability, visibility, and uninviting customer service. Therefore, you should consider the rates in relation to the services offered.

customer service

3. Customer ServiceDealing with trucking companies requires a lot of back and forth communication during the planning phase. Therefore, you need reliable and credible customer service to ensure a seamless process. You can know about a company’s customer service by asking for references such as businesses dealing with similar goods.


4. SafetyWhat are the safety regulations set in place for the protection of goods during transportation? The companies need to have a set of policies for the logistics. It should also provide various options for insurance coverage for the items to be transported. Before you settle on a Canadian trucking company, you should evaluate the available options and check online reviews for safety ratings.


5. TechnologyDoes the company present various technology approaches for excellent and reliable service? Such strategies include automated processes, carriers’ database and systems that can identify issues with the supply chain. These procedures can quicken the entire process and possibly cut down the costs.


6. ScalabilityAs a startup, you ought to find a company that shows the ability to scale with your business. What advanced services are there that you may need in the future? Can the company comfortably accommodate your business changing needs? It is crucial as there will be no need to get another company when you need more assistance. Also, getting an appropriate company can offer you advice and support as your business grows.

Planning on logistics can be a lengthy process especially for start-up businesses. These factors are essential to ensure you get one that provides the services you need at a suitable cost,  visit Fortigo Freight Services to find all these factors in one company. Most importantly, choose one that puts the interest of your business in the forefront and offers dependable customer service for a smooth process.

7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Mascot Performer for Your Character

Designing the right mascot for your business can turn out to be a complicated process. Upon deciding on the style look, type, brand personality and how the custom mascots will be used, the next stage is to choose the right performer. You might have the best mascot costumes, but without a good artist, all that creativity and hard work might go to waste.

1. Write a job description

Every job has a description of the tasks and duties that the individual will perform. Therefore, think of what the performer will be doing before putting up an ad. Besides being a performer, decide other tasks that you want the individual to undertake. Some organizations delegate social media marketing responsibility to the artists. Also, decide on the character, values, and personality of the person you wish to hire.

2. Create an ad

The next step is to make a job description. Include the hours of work, height range, pay rates, location and the desired levels of fitness. Make sure you do not leave out any description so that you can get applications from people who fit your description only. If you want your performer to complete a background check, mention that requirement at this point.

3. Decide the parameters you will use to narrow down the candidates

When handling a large volume of applications, you will require designing a strategy to use when shortlisting your applicants. Narrowing down the applications is important as it saves both your time and that of the applicants. To do so, request for information from the applicants through emails or conduct telephone conversations. Once the hopefuls pass these tests, they might be worthy of an in-person interview or audition.

4. Select the appropriate channels of sourcing talent

After coming up with a brilliant job description and designing a compelling advertisement, it is time to put your ad out there. Proper channels include websites, colleges or social media platforms. Consider the cost and effectiveness of the channel. After you choose the best method, post your ad and get ready for applications.

5. Establish a criterion for fair judgment

Select the factors you will consider during the interview. Assign points for each factor according to the weight it carries. Remember to include intangibles such as enthusiasm, entertainment value, and creativity.

6. Decide on the specifics of the interview/ audition

Here, you choose how long each session will take. Also, set time limits for all activities within the interview such as how much time the performer will have to make moves and show creativity. Your question and answer session should examine an individual’s enthusiasm, commitment, and responsibility. Go over the categories with the judges so that they are well versed.

7. Hold the interview

Now that everything is set, it is time to interview the candidates. Remember to follow the criteria and do not be biased. Always look out for a performer who has the company’s best interest at heart. Additional resources are available at the Hogtown Mascots Inc. website.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Courier Service

If you run an online-based business, odds are your courier service is the only actual human interaction most of your clients will have with the company. In other terms, your courier represents your business when making the requested deliveries. As such, choosing the right courier services is therefore of vital importance. Here are five things to consider when selecting a courier.

1. Speed

Think about how quickly you’ll want your packages delivered. If the parcels are needed urgently, a same- day or overnight courier would be the best choice. However, building a relationship with a courier and working together to find a solution that suits you both might be easier if you’re flexible with time.

2. Pricing

The price advertised is not necessarily the final price. Because hidden costs can make a significant difference, commit only after you’ve seen the final price. Shop around for quotes. Some online comparison websites will match you with courier services making similar journeys. Although this could help you avoid costly couriers, the best prices don’t necessarily mean the best services. Before you make a decision, try to get at least five quotes.

Remember, it mostly is about cost and not price. Find out each courier’s guarantee and customer services policy in case things go wrong. Compared to a pre-booking charge, efficient logistics can save you more time and money by streamlining operations, reliving admin and simplifying the booking process. Beware of low-cost service providers. Many of them will cut corners to make money. Instead, choose couriers with a good enough price margin to offer quality services.

3. Tracking

Before you settle on a courier, find out whether the company offers tracking services. With the ability to track the location of all your parcels, you can put your client’s mind at rest in case of delays. More importantly, you wouldn’t want to lose any of your packages. To be on the safe side, find out whether the courier allows you to automate your small business shipping processes.

4. Reviews

Make sure you do your research before you settle on a courier. Start by checking references and reading online reviews. You can find the reviews of past customers in review sites and forums. On the other hand, if you intend to use an independent courier, make sure you ask for references.

5. Professionalism

Making sure your courier projects professionalism in every aspect of the job is of uttermost importance. As the only human interaction with your clients, your courier will be representing your company. Think about their dress code. Having a uniformed courier delivering goods to your customers makes your company more trustworthy. More importantly, you’ll want to consider the quality of customer services offered.

Depending on your needs, using the same company every time might not be possible. For instance, you probably won’t use the same courier for local and international deliveries. Make sure you’ve researched your courier’s policies so that you know what to expect should things go wrong. To learn more, visit Flagship Courier Solutions and learn from their online resources.

5 Ways Adult Massage is Set to Benefit You

To experience a great erotic massage takes careful planning. While you need not be a professional, you may still offer your partner a superb way to relieve, relax, connect, and explore pleasure. Furthermore, adult massages are a great seduction technique to spice up your love life with your lover. But these are just a small number off of the benefits of this beautiful art. There is more than meets the eye.

1. Helps in body healing

With erotic massage, you get health benefits for your body. Aching muscles and overworked joints can be healed with good adult massages. Massages ensure your body muscles tension is low, and this enhances your general body healing process. Consequently, you will improve your recovery process and exercise performance during the workout. Furthermore, reducing stress through massage can keep severe mental problems out of your life.

2. Enhances intimacy in your relationship

Whether starting a new relationship, married for years or just in a short love affair, adult massages are an excellent way to build your feelings through pleasure. A gentle, relaxing and invigorating massage will help develop heightened spiritual and emotional intimacy to enhance your love life.

3. Creates conscious connection

You may feel a disconnection within your relationship. It’s recommended that a pleasant evening massage is a great way to relax and open up to your partner. You get to learn to be conscious of your own emotions and feelings and those of your spouse, and this strengthens your relationship.

4. Stress reliever

If left overlooked and untreated for a long time, stress can take a considerable toll on your body. A significant benefit of a proper massage is its ability to relieve you from stress. There is scientific research that has proved that a sensual massage increases the production of hormones that allow your body muscles to relax all together. Additionally, the feel-good hormones act as natural tranquilizers to the body thus relieving you of anxiety.

5. Build your physical fitness

While you may tend to overlook massage, a benefit can be seen every day. A good example would be our athletes. They are fit due to frequent massages that help their bodies recover. Now imagine taking this to your bedroom. Not only will you be fit but also stimulate your blood circulation and relax your muscles.

A Final Thought:

While massages can be stimulating, careful consideration of your partner should be in mind. Whereas there is no defined way to give massage pleasure to your partner, your methods should leave your partner feeling better than before. Nevertheless, massages have a stained reputation of malice and its time they are given credit and seen as physical therapy that benefits the mind, body, and soul. Visit the TorontoMassage.me website to learn more, because they may be able to provide you with the information that you need.

INFOGRAPHIC: 4 Tips On How To Talk About Money With Your Partner

Talking about personal finance is one of the most sensitive topics to bring up with your significant other.  If this subject isn’t communicated properly, it could very well be the demise of your relationship down the road.  Fortunately, I would like to share this insightful infographic created by Northcash, offering what I think are 4 important tips on how to talk about money with your partner.

How to talk about money with your partner - INFOGRAPHIC by Northcash

Why Flowers Are The Best Gift To Bring A Smile

When you are wanting to send an unusual and extremely thoughtful gift for whatever the occasion may be, flower delivery conveys that special sentiment in a popular and very much appreciated way.

Flower delivery is the perfect answer for all kinds of situations. It may be to celebrate a happy time like a birthday, anniversary, child’s baby shower or birth, wedding or wedding shower, decorated appropriately for a holiday, thank you, graduation, congratulations, just to say “I love you,” or other themes where flowers add to the glee. Or it may be a sad time such as a death in someone’s family, wishing a get well from a serious illness or accident, or the like.

Thinking of the Person

In any case, the arrival of flowers in outstanding or unusual vases and other stylish and reusable containers perhaps with the addition of balloons or gift baskets is sure to show the surprised recipient that you care deeply and are thinking of him or her with sincere thoughts at such a time.

Some Unusual Choices

Be Happy Bouquet
Pretty and colorful flowers in a ceramic “happy face” mug will bring cheer every time it is filled with a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa at any time of day.

Golden Laughter Bouquet
Golden roses added to other fragrant flowers and embellishments is a stylish way to bring an appreciative reaction.

Make a Wish on a Special “Cake”
Picture a delightful “cake” made entirely of fresh flowers and covered with candles! What could be more unique than that?

America the Beautiful
A patriotic arrangement in red, white, and blue flowers and decorated with flags is a stunning way to honor the courage and character of people at a July Fourth cookout, dinner, or dance. More resources are available at King West Flowers if you would like to learn more.

Violets and Butterflies
Velvety violets and gorgeous butterflies can be wrapped by a radiant ribbon into a basketful of delight for so many different occasions.

Convenience at a Flower Shop

Flowers generate almost $35 billion a year in business revenue and allow you to send fresh flowers anywhere in the world. It is so easy and convenient to go online at reputable flower shops, search through beautiful and clever inventories, and choose or put together flower arrangements and perhaps additional gifts to be delivered by the florist to express unique messages on a special day.

Is a Marketing Career Right for You?

Many people use the professional services of marketing recruiters to assist them with a job search each year. You may have previously worked in this field, or you may be thinking about changing fields to improve your career prospects. Before you make the decision to use headhunters to help you find marketing jobs, it is important to take a closer look at what a career in this field entails and how easy it may be to find a great job that exceeds your expectations.

The Education Requirement for Marketing Jobs
There are an extensive range of marketing jobs available for you to consider applying to, and the education requirements for each varies considerably. For example, to become a marketing director at a major corporation, you may need a Master’s degree along with many years of experience in the field. To become a graphic design specialist, you may need a four-year degree or related business experience. Some advertising jobs are entry-level with no specific education requirements, and others require a two or four-year degree. With this in mind, most people can find jobs in this field regardless of their educational background and experience level.

The Different Career Opportunities in Marketing
There are an extensive range of careers in marketing and advertising. For example, one element of marketing is tele-marketing, and you may be able to spend your days on the phone in a sales position. There are wonderful advertising jobs available for those with a creative mentality, and these jobs place you in top advertising firms working on ad campaigns for popular brands. Digital marketing opportunities, creative writing positions, technical positions and more are also available, extending your range of options when searching for a new job.

The Ease of Finding Marketing Jobs
In many fields, job seekers use the professional services of headhunters to find jobs, and marketing is no different. Marketing recruiters can facilitate the job search in numerous ways. For example, a recruiter can actively search for jobs in a specific area that are suitable for you based on your income requirements, skill and education level and more. While some find it challenging to find the right position based on their interest and skillset, others may locate a job within a few weeks or less.

The decision to search for a new job in the marketing field may be easy to make. You may currently be in this field and may be excited to branch out into other areas of marketing. Perhaps you recently obtained a marketing degree and are eager to find your first job in this field. This can be a satisfying, financially rewarding field to work in, and there are many opportunities to explore. Use the services of a headhunter to more easily make your transition to a new position.

How Proper Configuration and Monitoring of Wireless Printers May Reduce the Risk of a Data Breach

A wireless laser printer that has been improperly secured can often be an inviting target for malicious software applications and unauthorized users who are seeking to gain access to a network. Many businesses and organizations mistakenly assume that office printers and other non-computer equipment that may be connected to the network are not an issue in terms of digital security. Taking steps to secure printers for small business networks can allow organizations to reduce or even eliminate many of the potential risks and liabilities that could lead to a data breach. From network servers to a simple colour laser printer that is attached to a LAN, proper equipment configuration and monitoring is often of paramount concern when it comes to addressing issues related to digital security.

💻 Enhanced Connectivity May Lead to Greater Risk

While adding a wireless laser printer to an existing digital network can greatly enhance convenience and efficiency, connecting office printers that have not been properly secured or configured could prove to be a very costly misstep. Failing to address any underlying security issues or vulnerabilities found within the network can be nothing short of a disaster and businesses would do well to ensure that printers, mobile devices and other equipment are given the same priority as conventional desktop and laptop computer systems. While there may be relatively little damaged caused should a unauthorized user gain access to a simple colour laser printer, the ability to access any device that is part of an existing network may significantly compromise the level of overall security. The West X Business Solutions website has more resources available if you would like to learn more information.

💻 Addressing the Most Common and Costly Issues

When it comes to securing printers for small business use, there are a number of resources, service options and even digital applications that can make a difference. Working alongside IT professionals who have the background and experience needed to identify and address any issues that may be present is often the best way to approach the situation and equipment owners would do well to ensure that office printers and other peripherals are included in any threat assessment or security upgrade efforts.

💻 Configuration and Software Issues

Improperly configured devices and outdated software are often the two biggest security concerns. A wireless laser printer that is not properly setup for network use or a color laser printer that may be overdue for a software patch or update can often be a substantial security threat, one that businesses would do well to address without delay. Securing all printers for small business use can eliminate one of the most common and significant security threats, one that may easily result in a data breach for those who fail to take the proper precautions.