“Grandma’s Dulcimer” for Mountain Dulcimer

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  • November 30, 2016
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by Linda Brockinton

Several years back I went into a flea market and found a dulcimer abandoned on the floor. How sad it was to see this instrument that once held so much music just tossed away after someone died. It always makes me sad to see music and instruments discarded, knowing that someone

who loved music used to play them. To me it’s like seeing little orphan children abandoned. I was wondering, “If it could talk what would that instrument say?” So I made of list of questions that the dulcimer might ask if it could talk, and after making the list I sat down and wrote “Grandma’s Dulcimer.” A year or so later I wrote the music.

Grandmas Dulcimer

Grandma’s Dulcimer


I quietly hang upon the wall, recalling days of old.

Your Grandma, she was meek and mild, your Grandpa big and bold.

Many a night when they were young she’d play a little song

On her calico lap she held me tight while he laughed and played along.


But you pass me by day by day, I call but you don’t hear.

So unlike your Grandma; she always held me near.

I feel her fingers trip my strings, and not just notes, you see.

All of her songs came from her heart, thru her fingers right into me.


I fear the songs inside of me may never again be found.

I worry every day that I’ll not make another sound.

I see the way you look at me, with longing in your eyes.

Please take me down and play me. It’s easy; don’t be shy.


Yes, take me down and play me; play what’s in your heart.

You’ll never know what real joy is if you never start.

Hold me tight and strum me; I’ll give you gifts untold.

Gifts straight from your Grandma’s heart, and from deep within her soul.


Play me when you are full of joy, and play me when you’re blue,

And all the comfort I have to give I will give to you.

Yes, play me sweetly, play me loud, or play me with a drone,

And all the love you leave with me I’ll someday pass it on.


                                                                        Linda Brockinton

The playing of this tune is simple. The verses alternate playing the A part of the music for the

first verse and the B part for the second. This continues until you get to the last verse and there

you repeat the B part. Enjoy.

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