Getting into Hammered Dulcimer: “Amazing Grace”

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  • November 30, 2016
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Getting Into Hammered Dulcimer by Linda G. Thomas is a new Mel Bay book & teaching CD designed as a “crash course” for hammered dulcimer enthusiasts of ALL experience levels. The fourteen song titles, in standard notation, offer a variety of styles and are presented in the following format:

  1. Basic Melody
  2. Embellished/Variation, and
  3. Back-up Chords/Accompaniment.

Additional topics include layout of the hammered dulcimer, tips for tuning, basic theory, major/relative minor scales, chords charts, and playing modulations.

The companion CD is recorded to offer three tracks for each selection:

  1. Basic melody
  2. Embellished Melody/Variation, and
  3. Back-up accompaniment.


Here is a sample from the book to enjoy – “Amazing Grace.” Listen to Linda play the Basic Melody, and try it on your hammered dulcimer:


Next, listen to Linda play the melody of “Amazing Grace” with Back-Up on the hammered dulcimer, and try it:

 Amazing Grace-Backup.mp3

Finally, listen to Linda play Variations on “Amazing Grace,” and play that:

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