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5 Reasons Future Parents Should Attend a Baby Show

If you’re expecting, you may be wondering whether or not a baby show will even be worth your time. You’re expecting designer displays with all sorts of equipment that you can’t afford. Maybe you’re bringing in plenty of hand-me-downs or relying on friends and family to share the latest parenting news with you. Attending a baby show, however, has a number of benefits for future parents.
1. You’ll get a look at gear no one in your family chose to use.
Seeing it at the show doesn’t mean you have to buy it immediately. In fact, you may find yourself wondering what you would ever want with a device meant to help remove mucus from your baby’s nose or thinking that you’ll never use a swaddle for your little one when a blanket will do just as well. Knowing that they’re out there, however, will let you know what your options are once your little bundle of joy makes their arrival.
2. You’ll learn about new gear and advances.
Did you know that babywearing is one of the newest trends in parenting? Have you ever touched a new cloth diaper and realized just how easy it can be? Checking out new gear now means that you aren’t left years down the road wishing that you’d known about “that” when your baby was little.

3. You’ll get to touch things.

It’s amazing how much baby gear is only available online. At many baby shows, however, you’ll be able to walk through the booths and actually put your hands on plenty of items that can normally only be found online. Most vendors are also aware that many future parents–that is, the ones who don’t yet have a baby in arms–will be attending the event, so they’ll provide all the tools you need to try out the gear.


4. You’ll get your questions answered.

Sure, you can always email a manufacturer or check out a Facebook group. Still, there’s something about hands-on interaction that can help make getting answers to your questions easier.


5. You’ll make connections.

Baby shows are great places to learn about local mom groups, meet that midwife or doula you’ve heard all about in person, and make connections with other local moms. If you’re a first-time parent, you might not have many mommy friends, but that’s okay! There are plenty of people at these events for you to meet.

Attending a baby show is a great way to get your hands on the latest and greatest baby equipment, learn more about what other parents have done successfully, and check out other offerings in your area. If you’re still on the fence about attending, jump off and dive in! Baby shows are well worth the time.