Are You Shredding Everything You Need To?

Are You Shredding Everything You Need To?

Document shredding is an important but often overlooked tasks that can ultimately lead to significant liability for your company. Many businesses currently have a paper shredding system in place, and this may include a manual paper shredder or a document shredding service that collects items to be shredded on a scheduled basis. However, these document destruction systems are only effective when they are properly employed by your team. Some documents are regularly overlooked and are tossed away instead of destroyed, and this can cause numerous, costly problems for you. These are some of the most common items that need to be shredded and that often are not.

Receipts and Invoices
Your business likely generates a substantial number of receipts and invoices. This may include receipts for products and services you purchase as well as invoices for your customers and clients to pay. Some receipts have identifying information on them, such as the company’s or individual’s address, payment method and more. Financial theft and fraud can easily occur when these items are not properly shredded. Ensure that you and your team shred all receipts and invoices on a regular basis.

Human Resources Documentation
The human resources team may generate a substantial amount of personal data related to your employees. This can include their social security numbers or other tax ID numbers, their birth dates, mailing addresses and more. Some may even have access to spouses’ and kids’ ID numbers and other relevant information. Many HR departments pull a copy of the employee’s credit report as part of the hiring process, so credit card and loan account numbers may also be printed out. As you can see, there is a tremendous amount of personal information that your HR team needs to be destroying.

Hard Drives and Data
You may often think about paper shredding tasks, but you may not realize that hard drives are just as important. Hard drives can be accessed when they are tossed away, and these often contain vital company data, client and employee data and more. You simply cannot allow hard drives to fall into the wrong hands, and hard drive destruction services are necessary.

When you fail to destroy critical data, you run the risk of having criminals steal your company’s valuable data, your employees’ personal data and your clients’ information. This can result in considerable hassle and even financial grief, credit rating issues and more. You also run the risk of facing liability issues if you fail to take proper steps to safeguard vital information. Take time to analyze the destruction of data in your office to ensure that you are taking all necessary steps to minimize the risk of liability. The experts at Shred-it are capable of providing you with further information.

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