A Sweet Fingerpicked Melody for Mountain Dulcimer – “Dream Stream”

  • Ted
  • November 30, 2016
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Jan’s tips on playing “Dream Stream”: 


This is a tune that I wrote with a mystical, dreamy and arrhythmic feeling in mind. The solo recording was made with my dulcimer in a C-G-C, Mixolydian tuning. The tab is written in the standard DAD tuning and is indicated to be played with a flat-pick. It is important to hold the chord shape as long as possible in order to keep the music smooth and flowing. On the recording, I actually fingerpicked this piece with a series of harp-like strums from the bass string to the melody strings along with various, fingerpicking roll patterns. I encourage you to first listen to the sound file to get to know the piece, then take your time trying the tablature arrangement on your dulcimer. Once you know it, experiment and be creative with this tune, as it is one that I seldom play the same way twice.

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