7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Mascot Performer for Your Character

7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Mascot Performer for Your Character

Designing the right mascot for your business can turn out to be a complicated process. Upon deciding on the style look, type, brand personality and how the custom mascots will be used, the next stage is to choose the right performer. You might have the best mascot costumes, but without a good artist, all that creativity and hard work might go to waste.

1. Write a job description

Every job has a description of the tasks and duties that the individual will perform. Therefore, think of what the performer will be doing before putting up an ad. Besides being a performer, decide other tasks that you want the individual to undertake. Some organizations delegate social media marketing responsibility to the artists. Also, decide on the character, values, and personality of the person you wish to hire.

2. Create an ad

The next step is to make a job description. Include the hours of work, height range, pay rates, location and the desired levels of fitness. Make sure you do not leave out any description so that you can get applications from people who fit your description only. If you want your performer to complete a background check, mention that requirement at this point.

3. Decide the parameters you will use to narrow down the candidates

When handling a large volume of applications, you will require designing a strategy to use when shortlisting your applicants. Narrowing down the applications is important as it saves both your time and that of the applicants. To do so, request for information from the applicants through emails or conduct telephone conversations. Once the hopefuls pass these tests, they might be worthy of an in-person interview or audition.

4. Select the appropriate channels of sourcing talent

After coming up with a brilliant job description and designing a compelling advertisement, it is time to put your ad out there. Proper channels include websites, colleges or social media platforms. Consider the cost and effectiveness of the channel. After you choose the best method, post your ad and get ready for applications.

5. Establish a criterion for fair judgment

Select the factors you will consider during the interview. Assign points for each factor according to the weight it carries. Remember to include intangibles such as enthusiasm, entertainment value, and creativity.

6. Decide on the specifics of the interview/ audition

Here, you choose how long each session will take. Also, set time limits for all activities within the interview such as how much time the performer will have to make moves and show creativity. Your question and answer session should examine an individual’s enthusiasm, commitment, and responsibility. Go over the categories with the judges so that they are well versed.

7. Hold the interview

Now that everything is set, it is time to interview the candidates. Remember to follow the criteria and do not be biased. Always look out for a performer who has the company’s best interest at heart. Additional resources are available at the Hogtown Mascots Inc. website.

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